Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taking Care of ME!

Yup! I have been taking just a little better care of me lately. Something I'm sure you can relate to if you are a mother. I have started walking again. I'm really happy about that. I forget just how much I enjoy it. 30 minutes of just me, nature and the ipod. Feels good.

I also can't remember the last time I went shopping for myself! I have grown (in more ways then one if you know what I mean) to actually not enjoy that, too much. a) it is so expensive! b) nothing fits the way I would like it too anymore and it is so easy to get discouraged before really given it a go. c) It is so much easier to shop for the kids so I'm easily distracted, don't have to try them on! d) I'd much rather buy scrapbooking supplies! LOL ;)

But this weekend I went shopping with my best friend and we did NOT shop for the kids, we did NOT shop for our husbands, we did NOT shop for the house WE SHOPPED FOR US. So long over due. We were both of the frame of mind that if we found things weren't working out for us that we would call it a day and catch a movie. So we had a back up plan or an out if you will. But that didn't happen. We had a wonderful day! Not only was it great catching up but we made successful clothing purchases! BOTH OF US!! WOOHOO! Not with out a few bumps in the road, but overall it was a refreshing day. I almost think that it works that way on purpose. You know the theory if you go shopping and you have money to spend that you can't find anything and when you don't have any you find EVERYTHING! Well I think this weekend was the same. Since neither of us expected good things from the day our expectations weren't too high and we were SUCCESSFUL. Again feels good.

So to top of the taking care of me, I have also decided to go for my second, Yes I said second pedicure for the season. I went back in April and I'm going again. Just because. I usually only go a couple times a year. And I will also be going to get my hair done in couple of weeks. Its all good! Life is good.

Now on a scrappy note. Not much to share in the way of new creations, been to busy taking care of me! LOL So I will brag about my latest purchases. First off, I'm awaiting my newest cricut cartridge "Life's a Beach" it is very fun! Don't you think?

Next is this fabulous travel kit by Little Yellow Bicycle. I just absolutley love the colour combination and can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm going to make a mini album for our summer vacation either for this year or last year, haven't decided which yet.

Well that's it for todays post! I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and that everyone is inspired by my this post to do something for themselves, ladies don't forget to take care of yourself!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Had an Absolutely Wonderful Long Weekend! Did you?

It was one of those weekends where we had nothing planned and just did whatever we wanted, which mostly included NOTHING! You gotta love weekends like that! Just kicking back and relaxing. I have been on the move so much lately that I really needed that!

On Friday I want out for lunch with my hubby (this is rare!) and after work I had an hour massage scheduled. :) It was wonderful, of course.

On a sad note (for all us Scrapbookers but a happy note for my friend Sue at Memories on Main Street) I received an email that she would be closing her store at the end of the month, just closing the chapter on this part of her life. So as previously posted I will NOT be teaching the Father's Day class at her store in June. To celebrate her store closing she is offering 40% off storewide and who can resist a deal like that right? So after Braydn's Breaking class on Saturday morning we took a quick drive up there. I cashed in on a few great deals. Best of luck to you Sue.

As for the rest of the weekend and in between my soaking up the sun I got a little time in being creative. Here are a few layouts that I have been working on. This first one I actually did on Mother's Day, I have to say for having boys that this is the most fru-fru layout I have ever done!
This one I started a few weeks ago when a few scrappy friends and I got together. This is my best friend and I of 18 years. Photo was taken last summer while we were away together for the first time as a 2 family vacation.
This one I started on my scrapbooking weekend away at the retreat. Love that paper it is so stricking!
This one I started from scratch yesterday. Simple but sweet! at least that kid in the picture sure is!
So that's it! Things are going to get pretty busy again in the next while with teaching classes and end of school activities but I hope to not be as bad as last month and pop in a little more often!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where do I start?

Yes it has been over a month since my last post. Sounds like confessional huh? But April was soooooo busy! You have to know what I'm talking about! So much going on like: finishing up taxes, teaching classes, getting ready for new classes, finishing April Mandeville's Photography portfolio/showbook for my new business, Creating Your Keepsake my Aunt and Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary, Scrapfest, National Scrapbook Day with so many online contests and crops, The Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi and Mother's Day! There are so many little things I could have posted along the way, but just didn't have the time for. So I'll play a little catch up but I'll try not to bore you!
First off I'll post a link of the Heritage Maker's project I did for April Mandeville's Photography, here.

I have also been working on a wood project with my talented father, for a Father's Day Class. I will be teaching this at my LSS Crop Til You Drop on Saturday June 6th at 1:00. Cost is $25.
I will also be teaching this class at two other fabulous stores!

Memories on Main Street (Lambeth, Ontario) on Friday June 5th at 7:00 & at The Memory Mill (Dorchester, Ontario) on Wednesday June 3rd at 7:00. I'm so excited to be spreading my wings a little!

Lastly, I will just share a few of my FAVOURITE most recent purchases.

First off Fancy Pants Summer Soiree. You can see a much better pic of it on their site. My favourite is the new journaling cards in the spiral book! It is so awesome, so many possiblities.

Next, My Mind's Eye never disappoints and this is no exception! Love this new cool, fun, beach, adventure line called It's Time... Breaking Free (Adventure Series) Here is just a taste.
I know I've posted more boys stuff, but of course that is what I buy having two boys....but if I had a girl who could resist that bikini and those flip flops! Adorable!

I also wanted to show you these cute little guys. They are so stinkin cute. I have to admitt that I have very little from DCVW in their stack lines but this one was a must have!
Well I think that is enough for my first post back after over a month! I have a few new layouts to share and hope to post a little more about our summer vacation coming up only 6 1/2 more weeks away! and the boys and their year end recital coming soon. Hope everyone has had time to break from the madness of everyday life to get your SCRAP on! Cheers!